garrett found this wonderful prayer the other day.
you can find it here

i fell like we are in this weird limbo state.

we both have jobs that treat us well and are pleasant on most days.
we are still madly in love.
we enjoy our current church callings.
we have a nice apartment.
etc etc etc.

but i cant stop thinking about the "what could be's"
like getting jobs we can do from the road.
and buying an rv.
and a house on some land near water and mountains.
and visiting all of the states in our rv, but returning to our land when weve had too much of the road.
and having little sherwood babies.
and garrett being able to make a living from playing music and writing.
and i to be able to stay at home at sell dresses online for fun.

our lease is up soon so we are apartment hunting right now.
and job hunting.
and trying to make things line up.

but to be real about it,
it all comes down to faith.
which i am learning a lot about lately.