We went to idaho and got our things.
and it feels so good.
i didn't realize how much i like sleeping in my own bed
or eating food at a table instead of on the floor.
while in idaho Garrett sang in his soul band at the county fair.
we partied too hard with Sharon and friends around the fire.
and Sal had way too much fun.
so much fun he had a hard time waking up the next morning
i never want to have to deal with moving trucks again because they are big and scary (even though i didn't drive it)
being in idaho felt so strange.
it was like i was in some sort of bizarre dream.
with lots of familiar faces but every thing was out of context...
its good to be home with a house full of things that need places.

slowly but surly our house it getting put together.
we also signed up for internet yesterday, but it wont be here for a week...
but i assure you, our lives are slowly being put back together in this great city.