things have been crazy busy here.
i have so much to update on but no time.
we still dont have internet so i check email on my phone and thats about it.
But here are some instagram photos from the past few weeks.

We made the final trek from california to salt lake 
it was a tight squeez but every one was a good sport about it.

We arrived in salt lake late sunday night and i left early tuesday morning
to LA for training for work.
This is what our refrigerator looked like that week i was gone...

i officially became an AmeriCoprs Vista and started work on monday!

we live in the cutest little neighbor hood. this is not our house, but i kind of wish it was...

Sal is still confused. we dont have our stuff yet because we havent had time to go get it from rexburg.
so we have been sleeping on air mattresses and basically living out of our suitcases.
with the help of ryan h. we scored a free couch!
and its beautiful.
there are cats that sit out side of the window and meow at sal and he hates it.
the apartment is full of lots of beautiful natural light and i love it.

ive been working in Provo this week, weve been spending time with our buddy ryan h., getting to know our little community here, and just enjoying our new life in the city.
so there are a few things going on in our lives...
until next time!