i am no longer browsing craigslist (and every other job website in existence) for jobs
because garrett got one!
it is now dog browsing.
garrett will be working the grave yard shift just about every night starting in two weeks.
11pm- 6am. (woof)
which is ok for me, because then i will actually get to see him during the day.
but then again im not the one working all through the night.
(which, thinking about working a graveyard shift really messes with my mind.
when do you eat meals? do you eat breakfast at 10pm, lunch around 3am and dinner when you get home at 6am?)

but i have this thing where i always think "bad guys" are going to get me.
(i talk about this in my sleep.)
or that someone is trying to get into our house.

for example, there is a storage closet out side of our door (we live in the basement)
i ALWAYS make sure that door is closed, and we never open it.
But almost every time i walk past it its open!
i swore there was some one living in it and they would just forget to close it when they left.
garrett has confirmed that there is no one living in it, and it would be almost impossible for any one to live in it.
(apparently it opening  has something to do with the air pressure and the cold weather...?)
but point being,

i need a dog to catch the bad guys.

idaho has lots of labs.
and boxers.
but where are all the pugs?
and "mini" so and so's
and "teacup" yadda yads?
cause as much as i want a lab or a husky, i dont really want to travel with one of them.

if you find one of these dogs below, or any like unto them, you can let me know.
i want need one.