I am not one for "resolutions."
But I am very much a goal oriented person.
and resolutions and goals are the same things, right?
I am constantly setting daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.
And this year is no different.
I view the beginning of a new year as a way to start fresh. 
To get back on track and start strong.
This year I have set some solid goals (printed out, framed, everything)
and then I will continue to have my added daily, weekly and monthly goals.
They are-

Eat Breakfast
Do Yoga
Run (at least) one mile
Family scriptures and prayer

Attend the temple
Have date night
Write in journal (this would be daily, but who am i kidding? im terrible at it.)

Stick to the budget
Put money into savings
Pay tithing

Finish the Book of Mormon as a family

Hold me to these.

We are back on our no sugar, no gluten, no diary, no meat diet.
(LEAN IN '13)
I want to try reaaally hard to be extra good at this. 
Which means, less cheating...
Green smoothies are now my breakfast of choice and luckily living with a yoga instructor makes my yoga goal a whole lot easier.

2013 is going to be a really good year. 
I can already smell it.
With family book club,  graduating in July, Elder DeLora coming home in July-ish, a trip to Guatemala being planned, moving from Rexburg and hopefully big things for Deep Love, and who knows what else will happen, I am excited for 2013.