if you are supposed to write a one page journal entry every day for class,
do it every day.
i just sat down to catch up and the last time i wrote was may 17th.
(today is July 12th in case you were confused. i sure was.)
i wonder what happened on may 17th,
that made me not want to write on may 18th.
we went to Portland last weekend.
ive felt strange since.
it may have been the whirlwind of a trip
or hitting the deer and watching it fly, bounce, and skid to its death.
or it may have been the atmosphere at the slam.
or the fact that i was out of small town rexburg,
and in big town Portland.
where things are like, you know, the real world.
or it may be this really hot weather that i have been begging for.
and now, not sure why i did since my swimming options and free time are limited at the moment.
(which is the whole reason i wanted the hotness in the first place.)
but really,
its probably just the fact that its finals time again and i just want to play.
all. of the. time.
(Spell check is telling me that rexburg is spelt wrong and is asking if i meant
to spell ragbag. yes spell check, i think i did mean that.)
i think we need a 24 hour frozen yogurt place.
actually, no.
that was a bad idea.
12:49 am.
paper due at 5 am.
buh bye.