i climbed into bed at ten thirty last night.
i dont know who i was trying to fool.
certainty not myself
because my brain would not shut off.
(im trying out this thing where i go to bed before midnight and get up at 5:30 every day. im also doing no make up and no blow dryer for a month. yikes.)
there was no way i was going to fall asleep.
so i climbed to the top of the old church building
the one across the street from the park,
where the kids were throwing glow stick juices at eachother.
of course this was only after i hung out in the parking lot with a 44 0z (of h20, no soda this month either)
there is something about parking lots.
especially ones that hold memories
and really good memories at that.
summer is a time where wonderful things can happen to quite people.
there is something about summer that gives me courage.
the kind of courage that i dont have the rest of the year.
when i got home i sewed and listened to alvin youngblood hart until 4:48am
and i dont regret it.
not one bit.