We had a snow day:

 I had never been sledding before, and boy was I excited. I seriously asked Ford about 765 times if and when we could go. When every thing finally worked out (weather, peoples schedules, etc.) I got a little bit nervous. One reason I hadn't been sledding yet was because a past roommate had told me it was "dangerous" and heavens knows I am dangerous by my self, let alone on a piece of plastic flying down a mountain. So when Ford said he was going to paint his face to go sledding I got REALLY nervous. I said "we are not going to war, you don't have to paint your face. were just going sledding." His response "Sledding is like war, you don't just get on the sled and go down the mountain. Its so much more than that."
Hence the painted face (but then again he looks for any reason to paint his face):

And then he lost the war. He hurt his bum. He Heh.