this is what our weekend looked like:

eating the prettiest donuts on saturday mornings with a bug cup of pero.

we made a trip to ikea and got a shelf for all of my craft supplies (luuucky!) and a clothes rack for all of the shop clothes.

we live down the street from an indian market. which is the best thing ever since we just discovered instant curry noodles. they also have masala and other flavors. 

it has been so sunny here. 70's all week! but some times when the sun is setting the sky looks like this. 

cookies. how can you go wrong making cookies on a sunday after noon?
oh, you cant.

i spent a good two hours cleaning out my closet. at one point i pulled some sweatshirts off of the top shelf and my wedding bouquet fell on my head. i was wondering where i had put it.

garrett was sooo nice and tried braiding my hair. he did a pretty good job for his first time!

and of course monday came too fast.