last night something strange happened.
we were laying in bed.
me with a book in hand
garrett with a book in hand.
and garrett says
"where did you get this book?"
it was desolation angels by kerouac (one of my all time favorites, and garretts too.)
i said i don't know.
and kept reading my book.
but he kept pushing it
"but think hard, where did you get this book?"
i said i don't know, amazon, di, some where books are cheap.
but he STILL pushed it.
"ok, just think really hard. when and where did you get this book?"
"and did you do all of these writings in it?"
i told him i honestly don't remember where i got the book.
mostly likely at di in rexburg a few years ago.
and then he said
"this is my book!"
"i let an ex girlfriend read it and i was so mad when i never got it back."
"i wrote in this book, theses are my writings."
boom baby.
i bought my husbands favorite book back for him with out even knowing it was his or that he was going to be my husband.

garrett just wrote his take on find his beloved book again Here.