I know, I know.
Before the wedding I couldn't stop talking about how many more days and what not.
And now post wedding, I cant stop looking at all of the photos and thinking about how much fun it all was.
I am so blessed to have such a great family who with out them and all of their help with wedding things, Im pretty sure we would have just eloped to the temple and called it good.
But I am so glad we didn't.
and i am thankful for each and every one of them and all of their work, time, money, and skill that went into making this dinner happen.
it was magical.

not to photo overload you, but here are some of my favorites right now. (i love all of them so my favorites change every time i look at them)
Melanie Meik Photography (soon Smelcer) did such an amazing job!

(this photo sums up our relationships)

Doing things the way we wanted to do them was so nice.
small and intimate.
no cutting the cake.
no inviting people we didnt really want there.
no first dance.
no awkward, every one starting at me moments.
it was fantastic.

But I will say that I am still not used to all of this.
and im not talking about the marriage thing.
that part is so so so great.
its the titles.
when i am referring to Garrett i dont know what to call him.
when i say "my husband" for some reason i feel like im bragging.
(because i did get the best one, duh.)
and now when my boss and coworkers call my work phone i get "Mrs. Sherwood please" every time.

i am so blessed.
(see more at http://melaniemeikphotography.blogspot.com/)