its one of thoooose mornings.
you know,
the one where you slam your leg against the corner of the desk, the same leg you have a grapefruit sized bruise on from the day before and have now acquired a limp because of it.

the one where you go to pick up your tea-to-go and the lid isnt on so hot stuff goes all over you.

the one when you realize you emailed your teacher named Matt happy birthday instead of you little brother. realizing this only because of the response received from the teacher.

the one where you forgot your work keys at home at 8am so you run back across campus just to realize that you did not forget them. they were just in a different pocket in your back back.

the one where you look at the weather report and it reads that there will be rain, wind, and clouds all week.

the one when its only 8:31am and the reoccurring thought in my head is"is it 4:15 yet?"


i watched this video, and had some good discussion about it with my roommate.
weve been trying not to say "sorry" so much when sorry isnt what we mean.
ive been failing at it.
but im recommitting my self right meow.