I have been at work for 6 hours.
I have one more hour.
I. can. do. this.
I am currently listening to THIS on NPR.
I'm realizing possessions are worse than worthless. Harmful.
I do not think I have ever said this, but I will say it now: I really want it to snow.
Lately I don't want to go to sleep; so last night I watched I Love Lucy until 3:30am.
I’m not cool, and I’m cool with that.
I am trying to understand how science can be so interesting, yet so boring at the same time.
(don't make me read one more scientific journal on the difference of a scientific law vs. hypothesis and which came first.)
I have great roommates this semester.
Some really nice new friends.
Good classes.
Horrible eating schedule. (last night I had a baked potato at 12:30 for dinner.)
New goals.
New attitude.
 The worst part of this  year so far?
Joes Filling Station closed.
Life ain't so bad.