Today I learned that people are a lot of work.

Also, I was reminded that I am an adult. 

I would just love to be friends with Kenneth in real life. I could really use a friend like him.

I just started season one of Pushing Daisies

Yes, it does sound like ive been watching a whole lot of tv via netflix. well, its because i have.
i havent been sleeping much and i can only read books for so long.Plus, since im not in school i need to save "activites" such as reading for the day time. I would feel so useless and bum like if my roommates saw me watching my computer all day). so yes, i have resorted to seasons. and  you know what? I am ok with it. 

The Great Gatsby is one of my all time favorite books, i don't want it ruined.

also, the phrase/term "in respect to" or "respectfully" 
I don't think i really understand what these mean.
I started taking a astronomy class last semester (ended up dropping it) but for the first week our text would always talk about "the sun in respect to the planets." Does this mean "in relation to?"
Somebody used this same term today. So in my head I inserted the phrase "in relation to" where "in respect to" was and the sentence didn't make sense anymore.
im so confused.