I have come to find out a few things about my self this past week:

I love food, but the foods i love the most hate me.
I love working, but i hate going to work.
I'd rather ride my bike all day then do most anything else.
Sometimes, my priorities are screwed up. like really messed up.
Im content with where im going in life.
I listen to the same bands way too much. Variety is the spice of life....?
I sometimes want people to be a lot happier than they want to be themselves.
I either ask too many questions or not enough. theres no in between on this one.
I like to torture my self by looking at things i cant have.
I have obscure ideas of "fun."
Im greedy and i want a lot more out of life.

Also. the main thoughts going through my head this week:
Winnebago's, road trips, puppies, 7-11 slurpees, Winnebago's, bikes, Winnebago's, mom and matt coming! and Winnebago's.