It happened. I turned 21. Im not quite sure how I feel about this. And the funny thing is, I dont mind that I'm getting older, I just dont like that this means that every one else around me is getting older too.

Madre came for the weekend of my birthday. I'm so glad she was able to come and experience a little bit of the "Rexburg life style." Im pretty sure she was in culture shock. But we did lots of fun things such as quilt shop hopping, Winco trip, all you can eat Chinese food, Oceans movie, Porters for hours, dollar movies,  visited every red box in town to realize that we weren't searching for THE September Issue but rather just September Issue. (key word being THE here) and much more. Oh how i love my mother.

DI has been kind to me. $2.00 for this thing. Thaaank you.

When I saw this, I knew we HAD to have it.
I now play air hockey in my sleep and have resorted to begging people to play with me. I plan on becoming pro.

I have the best roommates ever. I have not always be able to say this, and I never really understood it when people used to say this. But for real, my roommates are rad.

This girl KILLS me.

Summer is almost here! how do i know this? (def. not by the weather here) but because Snoasis has opened!!!! WOOOH!

And more wedding photos.