im back in rexburg.
after an eventful trip from merced, to salt lake, to idaho. im here. with all of my stuff. in one trip.
lets just say, i am thankful for tender mercies.

on another note:
(actually part of the tender mercies...)
We rented a full size car.
after thinking about it on the plane, i realized a car wasnt going to cut it.
we were going to have to do at least 3 trips form salt lake to rexburg. uggh
the rental car place didnt have any more full size cars.
"Free up grade to a mini van?"
Yes please. =)

Dad was such a trooper.
He stayed with me all weekend and helped get settled in and left this morning.

hes staying in salt lake for the night so he walked form his hotel to temple square and sent me this.

oh how i miss salt lake already.

i found this on my camera...random.